Who We Serve

GBLS represents low-income individuals and families in Boston and 31 additional cities and towns in the Greater Boston area, assisting individual clients to secure some of the most basic necessities of life as well as addressing systemic problems that adversely impact their lives. We also represent community groups in advancing the interests of their low-income constituents and provide community legal education. We give advice and represent people in court, before agencies, and before city councils and the state legislature.

In 2017, GBLS provided critical legal assistance to more than 9,100 low-income people for whom we handled close to 11,000 matters. Of the clients we served, 66% were women; 77% were people of color; and 22% were over the age of 60. Our caseload broke down as follows: 30% of the cases were housing; 15% were immigration; 8% were welfare/income maintenance; 8% were family; 8% were employment; 7% were cases to seal clients’ criminal record histories (CORI); 7% were health and disability; 5% were Social Security or SSI; and 12% fell into other categories.

Legal Problems Handled





GBLS Helps a Mother Regain Physical Custody of Her Son from Her Abusive Partner

"Mary" is a client who was severely physically and verbally abused by her partner “Ralph”. When Mary suffered from post-partum depression after the birth of their son “Sam”, Ralph convinced Mary to sign over custody of Sam. He then proceeded to throw Mary and her older son out of the house. Ralph…

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